Monday, October 8, 2012

Wood Countertops: Pros & Cons

Courtesy of RSW Surfaces Countertop Guide

Bring your design dreams to life with fine solid wood countertops, expertly crafted to bring elegance, warmth and sophistication to any environment.  Wood countertops add a unique, luminous touch to kitchens and bathrooms, turning the ordinary into something extraordinary.

You also have the option to choose recycled/reclaimed wood from original sources; including barns, factories, warehouses, textile mills and other commerical buildings.  Reclaimed wood is great for the environment, and each material has its own unique characteristics and history that adds warmth to kitchen countertops, bathrooms and beyond.

Wood Summary:

General care:  Warm water and mild soap

  • Beautiful, warm aesthetics
  • Good price
  • Decent durability
  • Simple care and cleaning
  • Can be refinished
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Excellent fabrication versatility with numerous edge profiles available
  • Susceptible to dings and scratches
  • Fair heat tolerance
  • Not recommended for active households
  • Needs periodic maintenance and oiling
Beware of:  Staining and bacteria if not properly maintained

Sealing Needed:                            Yes (periodic oiling)
Polishing Needed:                         No
Stain Resistance:                           Good
Heat Resistance:                            Fair
Scratch Resistance:                        Fair
Bacteria Resistance:                      Very Good
Mold/Mildew Resistance:              Very Good
Impact Resistance:                        Good
Chemical Resistance:                    Good
Durability:                                     Very Good
Porosity:                                        Slightly Porous
Fabrication Versatility:                  Excellent
Functionality:                                Very Good
Repairability:                                Very Good
Cleanability:                                  Excellent
Visible Seams:                              Yes
Green Sustainability:                    Yes
Recycled Products Available:        Yes

Composition:  Natural wood, reclaimed wood

Wood countertops add a stunning design treatment in your home, with a beautiful, natural appearance.  However, wood countertops do need more delicate care and maintenance to keep them looking good and to prevent bacteria.  Wood surfaces need more attention with spills to prevent staining and do require periodic maintenance and oiling.  Wood countertops are not recommended for active households where they are subject to more abuse and wear and tear.

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