Wednesday, January 29, 2014

20 Wide-Ranging Colors Touted for 2014

by Jennifer Ott
Behr takes its turn in the color-forecasting game with
4 paint collections from superbold to sophisticated
Rather than tie itself to one top color of the year for 2014 as Pantone, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Pittsburg Paints have done, Behr has offered up a whole slew of them. There are 20 colors featured in four collections: Seaside Harmony, a crisp and modern palette of cool blues and greens combined with soft warm neutrals; Urban Alternative, a palette of deep, dramatic and sophisticated hues; Grand Reign, a classic palette that has old-world charm; and Natural Avocation, a fun mix of superbold hues. I’ve assembled a few of my favorites below, along with images and tips for how to work them into your own home.
Ocean Liner is from Behr’s Seaside Harmony collection. It’s a fetching turquoise that has a hint of gray, which gives it a subdued quality.

Note: Due to differences in how interiors are lit and photographed, as well as how computer monitors are calibrated, the colors you see in these swatches and photographs may differ slightly from the actual colors. It’s always a good idea to view actual paint swatches from the manufacturer, or better yet evaluate a large paint sample of the color you are considering, before finalizing your selection.

In this image from Behr, you can see that although Ocean Liner is quite vibrant, it has a slightly muted quality that allows it to be featured on all four walls in a room without overwhelming the space with color.
I would pair this watery blue with other hues from nature — a soft sunshine yellow and a fresh, herbaceous green. Any of these hues would be terrific on the walls or ceiling, with the other two colors used as accents.

New Shoot is from the Natural Avocation collection and is an intense grass-green hue. There’s nothing muted about this high-impact shade, so you might want to use it sparingly as an accent only.
New Shoot might be too intense to use on all four walls, but it’s a fun accent color, as shown here on the coffee table.

New Shoot requires some neutral hues to tone it down, unless you are going for a supercolorful space. But neutral doesn’t have to mean white, beige or gray. A deep, dark, toned-down blue or a supersoft sage are good choices. The grounding neutrals provide a nice backdrop to the more assertive bold green.
If Ocean Liner and New Shoot are too bold for you, check out some of the interesting neutral hues from Behr’s Urban Alternative line. Increasingly I’m hearing from homeowners who want to move away from expected shades of white, cream and beige and toward more complex neutrals that have a mix of brown and gray. Film Fest and Offbeat are two such neutral hues that straddle the line between warm and cool neutrals.

These warm-cool hybrids really vary throughout the day. In the cooler morning light they will appear more gray, but will take on a richer, warmer tone in the warmer afternoon light. The best thing about using a neutral background hue in a room is that you can add accents of any other color you like. Or use a variety of neutral hues, as shown here, for a layered look that’s visually interesting without hitting you over the head with color.
Neutral does not have to mean boring. Mix up your muted hues by playing with contrast. Consider a light warm or cool neutral as a base, such as Offbeat or Twilight Gray, and then add a darker neutral, such as Film Fest. This will give you swaths of varying soft colors, which will offer a bit more punch than sticking with one neutral throughout the entire space.
This beautiful saturated hue is my favorite of the Grand Reign colors. Imperial Jewel is a deep garnet that will add a nice dash of drama.

Imperial Jewel works well with a variety of design styles, from the traditional office space shown here to transitional or contemporary interiors. For a more traditional look, pair it with warm neutrals and dark wood tones. For a more modern look pair, it with gray, white and/or black.
Here are Film Fest and Offbeat again, but this time the two neutral hues are paired with the deep, dramatic Imperial Jewel. If you want to keep your space light and open, use Offbeat as the primary color, with accents of the other two hues. For more drama use one of the darker colors for your walls or ceiling, but consider balancing the dark colors with plenty of light — natural and artificial, unless you are going for a supercozy and intimate space.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Trend Alert!: Meet Blanco's New Germ-Fighting Kitchen Sink

by Tiffany Carboni

Your sink is one of the hardest working elements of your kitchen—and, no matter how hard you try to keep it clean—statistics say it's the dirtiest area of a kitchen. "Although the mere thought of retrieving anything from your toilet bowl may be enough to make you sick, your toilet may be cleaner than your kitchen sink, says Eileen Abruzzo, director of infection control at Long Island College Hospital of Brooklyn, New York." It’s a breeding ground for bacteria, what with everything that gets thrown down it, bathed in it and left inside to decay. You can bleach a ceramic sink until your lungs burn, only to have bacteria return the next time you wash your dirty hands or defrost a chicken.

But that's all changing now, thanks to the germ-busting new BLANCO Silgranit II series kitchen sinks. Because of these sinks' composition, a non-porous, composite granite with a germ-and-stain-resistant coating, dirt and bacteria don't stand a fighting chance.

Why we love it: This seamless, one-piece stone sink not only provides a sleek, contemporary look, but it can quickly turn the worst germ haven into a clean, user-friendly workstation.

How it works: BLANCO Silgranit II sinks are made of sturdy composite granite crafted from 80 percent natural stone. The already strong material is then reinforced with a patented Hygienic+Plus formula to create an even more durable, smooth, non-porous surface that resists moisture, scratches, fading, stains, chips and heat up to 536 degrees.

Because moisture can't penetrate the stone, the surface dries quickly so that bacteria never get an opportunity to grow in the kitchen sink. This means no more heavy chemicals for cleaning like lung-busting bleach!
On top of all that, these sinks are 100 percent food safe and resistant to acids. If you're worried about red wine or balsamic vinegar spillage, don't be. Liquids, even the infamously staining kind, bead because they just can't penetrate the surface. Mild dish detergent and water is all you'll need to clean these sinks. If a stain does manage to take hold, simply use the non-abrasive cleanser, Barkeepers Friend, and a soft scour pad.

If that weren't enough, these sinks are so strong, they can also stand up to the accidental drop of cast-iron pot that make us all cringe with a traditional sink.

Additional features: Silgranit II sinks come in 23 shapes and eight colors, including  Cinder, a handsome new shade of dark gray with hints of brown. And they are available in under- and over-mount styles.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Creative Ways to Organize

by Better Homes & Gardens
Clever Closets Around the House
See your closets in a new light and maximize their storage potential. The closets around your house can organize your family's accessories, hobbies, and more. Browse these closet organization ideas to help you tackle your closets and keep them orderly and clutter free, no matter what they need to store.

     Mudroom Closet: Get Hooked

Turn a closet into a mudroom in just a few simple steps! Taking out the clothes rod allows room for hooks so that all members of the family have a quick spot to hang their coats and bags. Install a low shelf which can double as a bench and extra storage space. Removing the door and painting the inner walls to match the hallway outside will make the space seem more like a mudroom and less like a closet.
Craft Closet: Contain Your Closet

A shelf-lined closet can be just what you need to keep your space neat and organized. See-through storage containers are perfect for this sort of tucked away space, allowing you to see what you need before sifting through all the drawers. Different sized and labeled containers fit snugly on the shelves, ensuring that everything has a place and the closet stays organized.

Linen Closet: Corral & Conquer

Towels, sheets, and blankets are necessities but can be a headache to organize. Keep your linen closet in tip-top shape with a few organizing tools. Use shelf dividers to create cubbies on existing shelves. Label each cubby as the designated spot for specific linens -- a spot for kids bathroom towels, guest towels, twin sheet sets, queen sheet sets, etc. Use baskets to round up extra toiletries and cleaning supplies. High shelves are ideal for storing large, infrequently used items such as bulky comforters and extra pillows.
 Household Closet: Organization Boosters
An adjustable shelf unit provides extra storage space and a more organized layout for your closet. Specific compartments and products to boost organization help make sure that everything has a place and makes your closet look tidy. Desk organizers, mini drawers, photo boxes and even magazine holders can be used to eliminate clutter and make sure everything is in order.
 Hall Closet: Season by Season

The coat closet sees a lot of traffic -- and a lot of clutter. And just what piles up in your closet will change from season to season. Outfit your closet with organizational gear that is useful year-round. An over-the-door pocket organizer is perfect for corralling mittens and hats during the winter, and umbrellas and sunscreen in the summer. Hooks on the back of the door and along the closet wall are smart closet additions, as well. And no matter what the season, shoes will always track in something from the outdoors. Use a shoe rack to keep footwear organized. Set the rack on a large jelly roll pan or other tray to collect the muck from the bottom of shoes and boots.

Home Office Closet: Private Work Space
Create your own tucked away work space simply by using a wall-mount storage system and setting up a makeshift desk. In this crafty closet, a hollow-core door sits atop stacked storage cubes, perfect for a DIY work surface. The original pole bracket is still in place, allowing the closet to be used traditionally as well.
Bedroom Closet: Doubled-Up Storage
Try this smart closet storage idea: install a second bar to add more hanging space. In this bedroom closet, a shorter, lower bar is suspended from the top bar, leaving room on one side of the top bar for longer items, such as dresses. The lower bar is at the perfect height for hanging shirts on top and pants and skirts below.
Home Office Closet: Room within a Room
By adding a few room-like features, you can turn a closet into a practical home office that can be tucked away behind closed doors when not in use. Make the storage space feel more like a room with a colorful coat of paint and a pendant light to brighten your work surface. Use table legs and wall brackets to convert a prefinished wall shelf into a slim desk, then bring in ready-to-assemble modular storage units for books, files, and office accessories. Hang decorative bulletin boards on the wall for the finishing touch.
Household Closet: Laundry Room
Despite their heavy workload, laundry rooms are often squeezed into small spaces where clutter can make the space feel even more cramped. To give the room a more spacious feel, replace closet doors with simple canvas curtains that slide neatly out of the way when open. Above the washer and dryer, mount a storage shelf for laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and stain removers.
Craft Closet: For the Kids

If your kids are budding Picassos, designate a closet as storage central for all of their paints, brushes and other supplies. Buy bins or baskets that are the same size and assign supplies to each one. Look for plastic baskets with handles, which are easy to clean and easy to transport from closet to a work space. To prevent supply overload, sit down with your kids every few months to weed out empty bottles and dried-out markers.
Home Office Closet: Simple Makeover

Outfit a small, narrow closet with shelves you can install yourself to give the space an organizational boost. Shelves placed close together provide a smart way to organize cumbersome rolls of wrapping paper. The rolls will lay flat and be protected from being crushed. Take a trip to an office supply store for file storage boxes and tags. Be sure to measure the height and width of your shelves to ensure what you buy will fit neatly on the shelves.
 Craft Closet: Use Your Resources
Gather individual materials to turn an unremarkable closet into a crafter’s haven. A metal pegboard against the back wall is a great place to hang shelves and is also a quick and easy way to hang tools and supplies. A cutting board resting on top of filing cabinets makes an instant work space with lots of storage. Curtains allow the whole area to be hidden away when not in use.
Linen Closet: Roll with It
Save space in a shallow linen closet by rolling up towels instead of folding them. Put lost space to use by installing towel racks on the back of the door to hang wrinkle-susceptible linens, such as tablecloths. With these delicate linens out of the fray, they won't be crushed by sturdier towels and blankets.

Kitchen Closet: Pantry Savvy

Plan out your pantry to store all of your kitchen must-haves. Instead of installing shelves from wall to wall, these shelves stop short, leaving room on the wall to mount a broom and mop holder. By sacrificing a just a few inches of shelf space, these cleaning necessities have a place to call home, and any storage space that was lost was regained by mounting basket-inspired shelves along the back of the door for condiments and spices.
Mudroom Closet: Transformed Space
This space once housed a closed-off, cluttered closet. The decision to remove a closet door can be a scary one, but opening up this closet had a positive outcome. With the door gone, the space was fitted with custom cubbies that meet all the requirements for a savvy mudroom closet. Shallow cubbies fill the back of the space, leaving room for a bench extension in front, the perfect perch for taking off shoes. With an open storage space such as this, don't forget about adding a little style. Line the back of the space with wallpaper, or paint it a fun color.
Household Closet: Cleaning Supplies
Make a clean sweep of your utility closet by organizing all the household cleaning supplies -- you'll make cleaning a breeze when you can find everything easily in one place. Separate cleaning supplies in containers for specific rooms: a bathroom bucket with cleaner for the toilet, shower, and glass; a bedroom caddy with a dust cloth, surface cleaner, and linen spray. Stash sponges and used rags in wire trays and baskets to let air in and moisture out. Store gloves, cleaning wipes, and extra supplies in a hanging shoe or sweater organizer mounted on the inside of the closet door next to hooks holding the broom, mop, and dustpan.
Craft Closet: Arts & Crafts Galore
Dedicate one closet to all the arts and crafts supplies in the house and you'll always have exactly what you need on hand for school projects, home decor creations, or just creative play. Start by filling the closet with basic adjustable shelves, then use a variety of storage boxes and containers to organize your supplies. Canvas boxes with dividers work well for storing papers and fabric scraps vertically where they can be flipped through easily. Use clear storage boxes and containers so the contents are visible. And use boxes with lids for easy stacking.
Household Closet: Extra Storage Space
Make the most of otherwise unused space -- such as beneath a staircase -- by building a closet. If the bonus space is near the kitchen, add shelves and countertop to create a butler's pantry. Off the basement media room, create a mini library for DVDs, CDs, and portable electronics.
Kids' Closet: Baby Changing Station

Creative thinking makes the most of this small closet in a nursery. By removing the door and building in a simple cabinet with a top, the space is now a handy baby changing station. To make this transformation in your nursery, include storage shelves and a drawer in the base cabinet. Up top, cut a semicircle from the existing (or added) shelves at the doorway opening to allow headroom for Baby and grown-ups. These shelves put nursery necessities within easy reach.
Household Closet: Garage Storage
Conquer garage clutter with handy metal bins. Assign a specific item to each bin, and you'll avoid the frustrating search for a tape measure or a roll of tape. Fasten sharp tools, such as saws, to a pegboard storage system, so reaching into a bin doesn't become a hazard. Keep screws and nails in small boxes and round up all of the boxes into one bin, so you can easily find a deck screw or finishing nail.
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