Monday, October 22, 2012

Tips & Tricks for Removing Stains in Natural Stone Countertops

Courtesy of RSW Countertop Guide

Do not panic if you stain your natural stone countertops because you can easily clean off stains with a few household items.  Depending on the kind of stain, you may need to use different mixtures.

If the stain is heavy and cannot be removed by simple warm water and mild dishwashing liquid, then create this sure-fire formula:

Combine together about one to two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid, one cup of flour and just enough water until the solution becomes thick (about the consistency of paste or spackle).  Simply spread over the stain.  Cover the area with plastic wrap and leave overnight.  You can then lightly scrape the mixture away with genle pressure, preferably using a piece of thin wood, cardboard, or soft plastic.  Do not use metal putty knives, forks, knives or metallic objects.  Rinse thoroughly - the stain should be gone.

Grease stains, oil stains and milk stains:

Grease stains, oil stains or milk stains require a different solution altogether.  Combine together one to two tablespoons of hydrogen peroixde (in place of dishwashing liquid), a cup of flour and enough water to make a paste.  Apply the stain, cover the area with plastic wrap and leave for about 12 hours.  The stain should be gone when you scrape off the mixture in the morning.  If this does not work, replace the hydrogen peroxide with ammonia.

Tea, coffee and fruit juice:

If the stain is organic, such as tea, coffee or fruit juice, then combine hydrogen peroxide (about 12% will do) with about two drops of ammonia.  The solution should take organic stains off immediately.

Marker stains and crayon marks:
If your child left marker stains or crayon marks from her artwork right on your countertop, don't worry - you can still remove them.  Try either acetone or lacquer thinner -- they are great for wiping marker stains and crayons off dark granite stones.  If your granite is on the lighter shade, then switch to hydrogen peroxide.  If these chemicals do not work, then try a stronger formula -- combine pure bleach with an all-purpose plaster to make a paste and then spread it over the ink stain (this also works for wine stains).  Let it sit for about half an hour, then remove the paste and rinse the area.

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