Monday, October 29, 2012

Center Bathtubs take Top Billing

Whether you're going for drama or just a clear footpath, setting your tub in the middle of your bathroom can be just the ticket

by Shawn Gauthier
It seems laying out the bathtub in the center of the space is configured one of two ways: The tub is placed either between two vanities to create a separation and clear walkways to the sinks or smack dab in the middle of the room for dramatic effect. Either way, the look adds definite style and a sense of luxury.

Dividing two vanities with a bathtub provides spaces with a sense of equilibrium. Plus, if you share your bathroom, the tub in this layout almost acts as a room divider, giving each person a sense of individual space. Extra room between the vanities and tub in this example offers a spot for towel storage.

Carrying the same backsplash across the vanities and bathtub creates cohesion among the different elements.
For a classic feel, choose a freestanding tub. These types of tubs lack the flat edge and storage of built-in units, so consider incorporating a table for bathing supplies, towels or a glass of wine.

Designers also choose to place a tub in the center of the room to create a dramatic focal point. This, of course, is best achieved with beautifully designed tubs. This luxurious space is likely more eye candy than reality for many of us; this bathroom could be the size of my apartment.
An intricate tile design and a unique shape allow this central tub to truly stand on its own.

A circular tub makes a perfect focal point in the middle of this space.

When coupled with an eye-catching light fixture, this contemporary tub design deservedly takes center stage. A nearby table is a functional accessory.

A more traditional style also commands attention when placed in the center of the bathroom.

Taking advantage of views is another reason why designers will place the tub in the middle of the room. Sure, you could put the tub against the wall, but why not the center of the room if that’s the best vantage point?

Winding down with a long soak is surely much more enjoyable when you have a beautiful view to take in.

A central window is a more soothing focal point when seen from a central tub.
A centrally located tub can allow the focus to be on a beautiful piece of artwork too.
If you have a narrow bathroom, a tub between the vanities may provide a better footpath than if the tub were against the wall.

Some layouts allow for additional furnishings. Placing the tub in the center of this bathroom freed up wall space for a bench and two armoires.

Perhaps your bathroom is already equipped with a shower, but you long for a tub. If your space is large enough, you may be able to avoid a larger renovation by sticking the tub in the center. 

Cabinet-S-Top would love to create your bathroom design to incorporate a center tub.  Stop by our showroom to talk about ideas. 

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