Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Go Green with EverPure!

Did you know that Americans use 50 billion plastic water bottles annually, of which 40 billion end up in landfills? According to the Earth Policy Institute, last year the United States used over a million barrels of oil in producing water bottles sold in the U.S!  This number does not include fuel used in global shipping. Did you also know most tap water contains a number of contaminants including asbestos, cysts, bacteria, viruses, toxins, chemicals, fluoride and lead?

To help our clients 'go green' and stay healthy, Cabinet-S-Top is a proud dealer for Everpure Water Filtration Systems.  Just one Everpure filter provides enough drinking water to last an average family more than a year.  If you've enjoyed Coco-Cola or Starbucks in the last week, you were drinking Everpure water!  Call us today to learn how you can go green too!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Granny Pods" in Backyards Keep Elderly Safe and Near

By: Tom Kraeutler

Putting a grandparent or other elderly relative into a nursing care facility is never an easy decision.  Most of us would prefer not to do it, and our older loved ones would almost always rather stay in their own homes, too.  It’s an issue that looms for many of us, as 78 million baby boomers prepare for their senior years, potentially straining nursing homes and government-funded healthcare programs.
Well just when you thought new technology was making us more impersonal and pulling us further apart, one brilliant Virginia reverend has invented the ultimate in compassionate gadgets.  The MedCottage, created by Reverend Kenneth Dupin, is a portable, modular medical home that encourages family-managed care as an alternative to long-term care facilities. Essentially, the MedCottage is a 12-by-24-foot “granny pod” that gets leased or purchased and parked on your property, keeping Grandma close to you, yet allowing her to maintain a sense of independence.  Just like an RV, it connects to a single family house’s electrical and water supplies.  And the MedCottage is loaded with technology and amenities for the health, comfort and safety of the elderly or those recovering from illness or injury.   

MedCottage contains a family communication center that provides telemetry, environmental control and dynamic interaction to off-site caregivers through smart and robotic technology throughout the cottage.  It’s also equipped with the latest technology to monitor vital signs, filter the air for contaminants and communicate with the outside world via high-tech video and cell phone text technology. Sensors alert caregivers to an occupant's fall, and a computer can remind the occupant to take medications. The technology also provides entertainment, offering a selection of music, reading material and movies.

“With changing family structure and lifestyles over the past century, research demonstrates that end-of-life care is emerging as the most pertinent concern for the baby boomer generation,” Dupin says. “Boomers have a particular fear of being isolated from family and institutionalized in the final stage of life. Consequently, there is a need in the market for an innovative alternative to care for the aging population unlike any current options for end-of-life care.”

The idea for the MedCottage came to Dupin after years of leading humanitarian missions to developing countries, and it was encouraged by a growing sense of his own mortality.

“As people age or require additional care, many of the existing treatment options often take them away from their family,” Dupin says. “The MedCottage gives families the ability to directly participate in their loved ones’ recovery, rehabilitation or extended care – on their property – while giving them peace of mind knowing they are providing the best possible care.”

The MedCottage is already authorized for use in Virginia and is designed to comply with local zoning ordinances throughout the nation. Earlier this year, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell signed into law HB 1307, “Zoning Provisions for Temporary Family Healthcare Structures.” Don’t be surprised if you see more “granny pods” coming to neighborhoods like yours soon.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to Easily Clean Up from a Home Remodeling Project

Do's and Don'ts You Need to Know!

If you ever remodel your home, you'll probably think the construction portion of the project is the hardest part. Just wait until it's time to start cleaning up! Then you'll see how difficult that part really can be. Plaster, dust, wood shavings and other material scraps are just a few of the things that can be scattered around your house. If you're in the midst of a project, or you're planning one soon, be sure to read this informative article and learn how to easily clean up from a home remodeling project!

Remodeling just one room in your house is easier to clean up because you can keep the mess pretty much isolated. If you keep the doors closed and lay down old rugs or thick towels at the bottom of the doors, it will help keep plaster and wood dust contained to that one area. Door-less rooms can also be isolated by hanging old blankets in the doorway. Just make sure the blankets hang clear to the floor. Then, spray the blankets until they're just damp with a spray bottle of tap water. The water will hold and trap dust particles so they don't spread over the rest of your house.

And, don't forget to close and cover furnace/AC registers with old rugs as well. This will help keep dust out of your ductwork. If your furnace or air conditioning unit is running, it will also help prevent the spreading of dust completely through your house!

To easily clean up from a home remodeling project, don't let messes accumulate. Clean up material scraps such as wood and plaster, as you go along. Large pieces can simply be picked up by hand. You can clean up small pieces of scraps with a broom and dustpan. But, don't sweep the broom around with too much energy, or you'll end up filling the air with dust! Instead, gently sweep up the worst of the mess with the broom. Or, if the pile is rather large, use a scoop shovel and a giant trash bag.

Then, to remove dust and dirt, use a wet/dry vacuum. Don't try to use your upright vacuum cleaner, and don't use a Rainbow® vacuum cleaner either. Even though a Rainbow can suck up many kinds of wet and dry messes, plaster dust does bad things to its motor. Picking up nails, screws and other fasteners with your upright will ruin it as well.

Don't try to clean up light dust with a feather duster or a dry dust cloth. Both of these tools will just spread the dust around in the air. The best tool to use is a damp rag. Turn it over once one side gets soiled, and rinse it out when the whole rag is full of dust.

Does this task seem to daunting?  Now through October 31, 2011, remodel your kitchen with Cabinet-S-Top, and we’ll clean your house.  Receive FREE 4 hours of house cleaning or $100 worth of carpet cleaning with any kitchen remodel valued at $5,000 or greater.  Contact Betty Nairn our Certified Kitchen Designer at 330-239-3630 to start your project today. Cabinet-S-Top is located at 1977 Medina Road, Medina. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas   by  Tom Kraeutler

If home is where the heart is, kitchens are clearly one of the vital organs that convert a house to a home. Not surprisingly, kitchens are also among the most popular home-remodeling projects tackled each year.  With a few new kitchen remodeling ideas you could also add value to your home. Technology has stepped in to make products more effective and attractive.  Even more, technology helps you sort through all the kitchen remodeling choices and help you decide what you want.

Cabinet Choices. Kitchen cabinets are the first product choice you will need to make in your kitchen, and the style you select will set the tone for the entire kitchen design.  Different colors and styles impact different spaces.

Cabinet refinishing or repainting can be less expensive options for kitchen remodeling, but they are not as easy as painting a room, so be sure to understand the application process. A simpler updating solution is replacing the cabinet door and drawer pulls with some of the new funky artsy designs. The hottest cabinet and drawer handles include copper-finished tree forms or Verde geckos adorning both traditional and modern cabinet styles.

Replace the Kitchen Countertop. Kitchen countertops create bold decorating statements and become the feature point of the room. From basic to luxurious, changing just the top is a fairly simple kitchen remodeling idea that can be completed in a short time frame with little impact on family life.

Kitchen Appliance Overhaul. When a kitchen looks outdated, it’s often because of older appliances and not just the infamous avocado green. Just like cars, appliances reflect the style of the day and changing or repainting them can make a kitchen appear 20 years younger, especially if you repaint the walls to match the new colors.

Kitchen Faucet Fixups. New faucets can also make a nice feature in an otherwise dreary looking space. Faucets replacements are also fairly simple plumbing projects.

Cool Kitchen Floors. New flooring alone can really change the look of a kitchen and can be installed with little impact on family life. You can choose from a bold design choice or a traditional style floor to help complete your kitchen remodeling idea.

However you would like to update your kitchen, whether it is just replacing the cabinet hardware or you are remodeling your entire kitchen, Cabinet-S-Top can help.  Visit our showroom located at 1977 Medina Road, Medina (330-239-3630) to see what is available.  We use design tools to help you mix and match styles, finishes and prices until you find one that meets your tastes and budget.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vessel Sinks, a Must for your Bathroom

          Courtesy of Article Alley

In the last few years, vessel sinks are becoming the in-thing for the bathroom.  When making decisions for the bath, a vessel sink makes for a very aesthetically pleasing fixture as well as providing the functionality you’d expect.   Possibly the main reason why more and more people are installing vessel sinks is their artistic appeal. They really can be works of art. They are available in all shapes, like a rectangle, bowl, to the downright weird. You can buy them in all kinds of materials, from basic porcelain, elegant bronze, to lavish marble. Moreover the colors are endless. You can choose from an entire range of colors to white or black, you name it. Or maybe you want a sparkling clear vessel sink; then you can install a vessel sink produced out of crystal or glass.

Vessel sinks make for a nice departure from the standard vanity or basin. Instead of being molded into the counter or drop mounted, vessel sinks sit on top of the counter and are plumbed directly through. This makes for a very unique looking bathroom treatment. With all the great choices for vessel sinks, not only will you have a unique design element in your bath, but you’ll also be able to fit it in with virtually any d├ęcor choices you want. Being able to have a custom vessel sink means that any shape or style you’re looking for can be had.

A popular choice is the glass vessel sink because it looks highly impressive and expensive.   An advantage to installing a glass vessel sink into your bathroom is the fact that cleaning them is very simple.  Just wet a cloth with a detergent solution and wipe them off, it’s as simple as that. Since glass does not have any pores there is no chance for any bacteria to hide in them. This is one of the main advantages of the glass vessel sinks over their porcelain counterparts.

Installing a vessel sink in your bathroom is a way to have a totally unique home design element that will be functional and give you the artistic flavor you want.  Cabinet-S-Top can help you choose the right vessel sink for your bathroom to impress your guests.  Act now to receive a FREE Solera Glass Vessel Sink with a Bathroom Renovation ($1,000 minimum purchase) – offer expires 7/31/11. Cabinet-S-Top is located at 1977 Medina Road, Medina, OH 44256.  330-239-3630. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What to Look for when Shopping for New Floors

Courtesy of FlooringNews.com

The decision to update floors in a home is a decision that many consumers make each year.  Whether their current floors are outdated or the homeowners are just ready for a change, each year millions of people hit the home improvement and flooring stores in search of the perfect product for their homes.
There are many factors to consider when you’re in the market for new floors.  One of the most important things to remember is that finding the right flooring material to meet your needs is vital if you want to be happy with the finished product.  While there are many different types of floors available to you, not all materials are going to provide you with what you’re looking for.
Here are a few things to consider when you are shopping around for the perfect flooring product.

Tip One: If you have kids, look for kid friendly floors
If you have young children in your home, it is important to remember that, although they are adorable, they are going to make messes - and lots of them.  But just because you know your little angels are going to wreak havoc on your home doesn’t mean you can’t have the floors you really want.  There are many kid safe flooring materials out there that you can choose from.
If carpet is at the top of your list (which is a great flooring choice to have in kids’ rooms since the majority of their play time is spent on the floor) look for a durable carpet that cleans easily.  Stainmaster carpets have always done well and are great for small children.
If you would rather have wood floors but are afraid of the maintenance and possible damage from your kids spilling liquids, wood laminate floors may be the perfect alternative.  Laminate is available in many different colors and wood looks.  It is easy to maintain and a breeze to clean.
If carpet and wood or wood laminate don’t seem like the right choice for your home, there are other materials available that work well with kids, including tile, vinyl and eco-friendly options like concrete and cork.  Tile is great for clean-ups and is fairly durable.  Although concrete can definitely jazz up a space and is extremely durable, it is obviously very hard and may not be a great choice if you have small children who tend to play a lot in the house.

Tip Two: Do your homework
Make a list of what you want in flooring materials and look for the best match.  New flooring options are emerging everyday and unconventional flooring products are becoming more and more popular in homes and businesses.  Find out what your options are before you make a blind choice.  If you are well informed, you will be much happier with your overall finished product.

Tip Three: Beware of maintenance
If you aren’t the kind of person who likes to clean or who likes to maintain things, there are certain flooring products you just aren’t going to like.  Keep in mind that all floors require some type of maintenance, whether it is regular cleaning or sealing, but some floors require more treatment than others.  When you are researching flooring choices, be sure to look up what is required to maintain the floors once they are installed. 

Choosing the right flooring for you is what is most important.  Stop by our showroom and let Cabinet-S-Top help you make the right selection for your home and family.  We are located at 1977 Medina Road, Medina ~ 330.239.3630.