Monday, October 1, 2012

Solid Surface Countertops

Courtesy of RSW Countertop Guide

The fabrication versatility and broad range of styles, colors and products available on the market, make solid surfaces one of the most popular materials for countless applications.

What is a Solid Surface:

A solid surface material such as DuPont's Corian, Avonite or Staron is a composite surface made from natural minerals and acrylic polymers and resins.  Each manufacturer varies the recipe, heating and reaction times, and additives to achieve whatever their blend happens to be.  During manufacturing, colorants and particulars are added to achieve the vast array of colors and styles in the solid surfacing market.

There are many reasons solid surfaces are very popular.  The main reason is fabrication versatility; because of their composite make up, solid surfaces can be cut, routed, drilled, sculpted, bent or worked like a fine wood.  As a shapeable but durable material, the uses for solid surfaces are endless and continue to grow.  Other reasons are that solid surfaces are non-porous and can hold up to stains and other abuse without having the finish destroyed.  Solid surfaces are also popular due to their ease of repairs and inconspicuous seams.

Additionally, the broad range of styles, colors and products available on the market, make solid surfaces an ideal product for many commerical applications as well.  Solid surfaces, such as DuPont Corian, Avonite and 'green' products such as PaperStone can be found in countless retail, healthcare, and commerical establishments.  Due to its non-porous, hygiene-friendly attributes, solid surfaces are also popular with food preparation areas, cafeterias, food courts, restaurants, and restrooms.

Solid Surface products offer hundreds of beautiful colors and surface styles to meet the many needs of residential and commercial customers.  Solid varieties, shower surrounds, laundry areas, and office surroundings can be perfectly integrated into any interior setting.

Another benefit of solid surfaces are the endless design possiblities.  Sinks and backsplashes can be perfectly integrated into your countertop, giving you a solid one-piece unit with inconspicuous seams.  Simply put, there are no limits to the design possibilities of a solid surface countertop.

Solid Surface Summary:

General Care:  Warm water and mild soap

  • Various product brands to choose from
  • Extensive styles, colors and patterns
  • Durable and functional
  • Use fora very wide variety of applications
  • Inconspicuous seams
  • Perfect for food preparation and food serving areas
  • Hygiene-friendly
  • Can be shaped, formed and sculpted
  • Option to integrate solid surface sinks
  • Can scratch dulling over time/can be resurfaced

Sealing Needs:                         No
Polishing Needs:                     In Some Instances
Stain Resistance:                     Excellent
Heat Resistance:                      Fair
Scratch Resistance:                 Good
Bacteria Resistance:                Excellent
Mold/Mildew Resistance:         Excellent
Impact Resistance:                  Very Good
Chemical Resistance:               Very Good
Durability:                               Very Good
Porosity:                                   Non Porous
Fabrication Versatility                Excellent
Functionality:                            Exellent
Repairability:                             Excellent
Cleanability:                              Excellent
Visible Seams:                           Inconspicuous
Green Sustainability:                  Yes
Recycled Products Available:     Yes

Composition:  Natural minerals with acrylic polymers and resins.


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