Monday, October 14, 2013

8 Cabinetry Details to Create Custom Kitchen Style

by Shane Inman

Take a basic kitchen up a notch with decorative
add-ons that give cabinets a high-end look

The right type of cabinet component can help refresh and add character to your kitchen's style — whether you want brand-new cabinets or just need to revamp your old ones. But some design elements with the most impact may be small ones you haven't even considered. Here are some details to integrate into your cabinets for a truly stylish design.

Decorative supports. Decorative supports put an artful emphasis on upper cabinets. Every upper cabinet in this kitchen has a support that was originally designed to help support cabinets on walls but now serves only as decor.

Decorative supports come in many design styles and sizes; make sure that the ones you choose accentuate the cabinets rather than overpower them. A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything that's taller than 12 inches.

Corbels. Take a kitchen from simple to stately by adding corbels to your focal points — like on this kitchen's island corners. Since corbels are so ornate, they tend to stand out on kitchen cabinets, drawing attention to certain features.

The finest corbels are hand crafted from wood, so they can be expensive. There are more affordable precast foam models, but they can't be stained to match cabinets — only painted.
Aprons. The apron is the piece of wood that travels under and around the countertop overhang. The standard apron height is approximately 3 inches, which can leave enough room for legs under the island countertop if the seat height is average.

Legs. Dress up a center island with decorative legs at the corners. The decorative leg in this kitchen is also a partner to the countertop detail. Notice how the countertop was carried out and around the top of the leg, creating another detail.

Although a decorative leg may be just be the detail you're looking for, keep in mind that you will need additional funds. Not only will the detailed leg cost something, but your countertop square footage will have to increase, adding to your overall cost.

Furniture toe kicks. Many modern kitchens have an industry-standard toe kick. The recommended amount of space is 4 1/2 inches to where the cabinet meets the floor. This makes it more comfortable for your feet when you're working close to the counter.

For areas that are not so task oriented, you can apply a furniture toe kick, which is more detailed and allows the cabinetry to look like a piece of freestanding furniture. A furniture toe kick can be seen on the edge of this beautiful island.

End panels. When a run of cabinetry ends without butting into a wall, a decorative end panel can make sure it stays aesthetically pleasing. Try adding a panel in the same style as your cabinet doors for a cohesive look. Should you need to scale your kitchen's design back because of budget restraints, this is one decorative detail that could be simplified.

Valances. This particular kitchen has two very decorative architectural valances — one over the desk and one over the range. Valances can help cover necessary but unattractive electrical items that might be visible when your viewing height changes — like at the island or adjacent table in this photo. The valance on the range covers the exhaust fan, and the valance over the desk area covers the undercabinet lighting.

Valances come in all shapes, sizes and styles to fit any design. The majority are ordered in predetermined lengths and then cut down onsite to fit.
Feet. Add some flair to the bottom of your cabinets with decorative feet. Feet are fitted and adhered under the toe kick. Add them to one cabinet for a slight touch of detail or to every cabinet for a cohesive look.

If you're working on a budget, try adding feet to just the sink base or cooktop cabinet to make the piece look like freestanding furniture.

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