Monday, October 28, 2013

10 Kitchen Remodel Tips the Pros Think you Should Know

by Cultivate

When it comes to kitchen remodels, there isn't much room for error. The consequences of the decisions you make now, good or bad, will last you for years to come. (Sure you might not need a double wall oven now, but will you in five years?) When in doubt, design and remodel professionals often offer the best advice for avoiding potentially regrettable decisions. Whether or not you decide to hire a pro for your remodel, read on for 10 thoughtful, before-you-remodel tips from knowledgeable designers and architects.




“Invest in good cabinetry—it’s one of the most expensive kitchen features to replace later. If you have to do so, you are basically looking at gutting the whole kitchen.”



Kitchen Island
“Countertop height determines how comfortable you are working in the kitchen. Start by measuring the distance from the floor to your flexed elbow; then adjust based on the task at hand. For prep work, the counter should be three to four inches below this measurement, five to seven inches below for cooking surfaces, and two to three inches below for the sink. Beyond that, design your prep area so you face the center of the room when working and can make eye contact with your family and guests. You will enjoy entertaining more because you can be sociable.”
Countertop Materials
“The single most important aesthetic feature in a kitchen is the countertop. Select one in the same way you select an everyday set of dishware. Food should look good on it, and it should be easy to clean. A quartz counter offers performance and aesthetic at a reasonable cost; a deep stainless steel sink is a wonderful compliment to most natural stones.”

“Keep outlets out of the backsplash. I always put a plug strip out of sight underneath the upper cabinets instead.”
Backsplash Tile
“When selecting tile, make sure you hold a few samples up against the wall to make sure they work with the countertop. Samples can look entirely different in the actual space.”
“Start the design process by going appliance shopping. It helps you discover how you want the kitchen to function, and it determines design choices later. It’ll seem intimidating at first, but once you’re done you’ll be ready to tackle more complex decisions.”
“Keep this in mind when choosing lighting: Darker finished surfaces are a lot more light absorptive. An all-white kitchen requires dramatically less light (40 to 50 percent) than a kitchen with dark wood cabinets and walls. Also, a highly polished countertop acts like a mirror so any under-cabinet lighting will show in its reflection.”
“Kitchen floors are tricky. Although stone and tile are beautiful, they are uncomfortable to stand on for a long time. They can also be noisy and fatal to your dishware if something falls. My favorite kitchen floors are wood—they are warm and comfortable and can be painted or stenciled to lighten the room and add character. "
"Avoid dead space in the middle of a kitchen—either make it large enough to include an island or narrow enough that you can use the room efficiently."
“Think of your kitchen as a modern day drawing room, make it a comfortable place for friends and family to spend time.”
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