Monday, June 24, 2013

6 Rules for a Functional Family Kitchen

by Heidi Bonesteel & Michele Trout

When designing a kitchen for a growing family, space considerations are paramount. Having room for everybody to move around is essential to the happiness of the cook, and by extension, the entire family. An open floor plan is most desirable, allowing for traffic in and out of the kitchen without disrupting meal preparation.

More the Merrier

You should plan for the dining table or kitchen banquette area to accommodate more people than you think (multiply the number of people in your family by 2) in case friends or neighbors drop by. And, although it may seem strange when your children are young, remember that you will be feeding them and a number of their friends in a very short period of time. If possible, having counter seating in addition to a dining table is optimal so that the counter can be used for quick meals and chatting with the chef, as well as a buffet for parties.

Raising the Bar
Another option for counter seating: consider raising the bar height of the seating area while keeping the work countertop at a standard height. This way you can keep the bar area clean and presentable, while prepping food and washing dishes behind the bar counter wall.  

Building to Last
When specifying materials for a kitchen with a growing family, durability is key. This particular kitchen has a restaurant grade finish on the bar, the counters in the work/prep areas are stainless steel, and all fabrics have been plastic laminated for easy clean up.

Appliance Specs
For a large or growing family, an industrial size range is a luxury you’ll come to rely on. Two dishwashers, one on each side of the kitchen sink, are also nice as they allow you to keep surfaces clear and organized. Because large families tend to spend a lot of time together in the kitchen, it's a good idea to optimize this "togetherness" by having a work station where one can check emails, and keep a family calendar. This helps everybody in the family know what's on the schedule and what's expected of them.   



Extended Family Matters
And because everybody loves the energy of a well functioning family kitchen, why not enhance the social aspect of the space by installing a wine refrigerator and a bar? The conviviality of a warm, busy kitchen makes it the perfect gathering place for everyone you treasure.

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