Monday, January 7, 2013

Trend Alert: 7 Intriguing Kitchen Predictions for 2013

by Susan Serra, Courtesy of Cultivate
The new year has arrived, and with it comes a wave of exciting, new home trends for 2013. While the march in recent years has clearly moved toward kitchen designs with smooth lines and a simple sophistication, we're predicting a new, more collaborative twist this year. After all, putting your own decorative spin adds a personal, one-of-a-kind dimension to any kitchen design. The result? A cooking space that's a melting pot of creativity, giving birth to fresh interpretations for modern, country, traditional, professional and other familiar styles. Read on for seven intriguing kitchen trends we think will gain even more popularity in 2013.
1. Modernizing classic styles. A good example of a new interpretation of a classic kitchen style is the new country kitchen. Gone are the days of duck-themed borders paired with terra cotta floors. Instead, the new country kitchen includes modern design elements in natural finishes, such as slate or matte engineered stone, bringing nature's authentic look into the space. Still too modern and austere? The addition of antiques in small collections, larger pieces or a touch of an urban/industrial vibe here and there softens and warms the modern edge. In short, there are many fresh ways to nudge a kitchen toward any style via a balancing act of modern design paired with other looks, which is exactly where the excitement resides for 2013.
2. Combining unexpected finishes. We'll also see more surface combinations in 2013. Think: a herringbone brick floor as a backdrop to add a rich, natural texture and a glossy backsplash made of glass with light gray-washed oak cabinetry in a simple framed door style. Wood flooring (or the fabulous new ceramic wood look-alike tiles) with interesting grain patterns will also serve as a style contrast to simple, clean cabinetry while still sending a clear message of a classic home. Extra-large format flooring tiles with minimal grout lines in rustic textures speak both a modern and rustic language, while traditional Mediterranean-style tiles are refreshed with a modern vibe.
3. Creating comfort zones. The social kitchen has become more popular each and every year, and 2013 will be no different. With renewed attention to adequate and comfortable seating, super comfy banquettes and settees have become must-have items in many new kitchens, especially ones with smaller dining areas. And with new extra-large cushions for added comfort, kitchen banquettes can replicate the most plush sofa, but at the right height to accommodate not just dining, but lounging, long conversations and projects as well. Comfort in the kitchen of 2013 will also be experienced in ample task, accent, and general lighting, as well as a much wider use of sensor lighting to illuminate deep, dark cabinetry, and the inside of pantries.
4. Expanding small spaces. Bucking the tradition of large, sprawling spaces, increased attention will be given to expanding smaller kitchens in 2013. Visual tricks will be actively incorporated to create a more open feeling. For example, we'll see backsplashes that are more simple in design than ever before, such as single sheets of glass (a hot material), engineered stone or other seamless surfaces, such as stainless steel. The reason this works: A seamless backsplash has a huge effect on a kitchen's "visual clutter", is a natural complement to the modern kitchen and a practical solution for small kitchens where appliances are in close proximity to surfaces. Large windows, a highly desired building product in 2013, allow the eye to travel, and interesting nooks and crannies decoratively illuminated in the kitchen can create new focal points as well as adding a spacious look.
5. Keeping cabinet color light. White cabinetry is still the darling for 2013. Whites and off whites are the most desired foundation for other design elements in the kitchen, and they also help to make a space feel larger by reflecting light. Other popular finishes for 2013: gray wood and painted finishes. As we do more living in the kitchen, the true social center of the home, new, lighter natural wood finishes are an alternative and fresh look for 2013, reflecting our casual lifestyle. Color makes its appearance in the decorative layer, while neutral colors for the big ticket items are a safer investment for the long term.
6. Hiding appliances. Important items in any kitchen design, appliances will largely disappear from view in 2013, allowing even high-end, chef's style appliances to be seamlessly incorporated into any kitchen space. Sophisticated ovens with glass doors, glass handles, choices of metal finishes and enameled colors help homeowners express their aesthetic at a higher level, continuing the visual interest in personal design expression. Precision cooking, restaurant style, is the trend for appliances and technological add-ons become the sous chef.
7. Designing for green and universal-design appeal. Appliances, lighting, countertops, flooring—even special vintage pieces, are all woven into kitchen design, each having their own version of green properties backed by a sustainable philosophy. Another popular design philosophy for 2013: To build within the footprint of the existing kitchen, if possible, rather than going through an expensive addition, which will also leave a larger footprint on the Earth. This means that a good design is paramount to achieve the best solution for the family's present and future lifestyle. Universal design principles only become more important in the new year as homeowners are designing for the long term. Efficient cabinet access will be given a close second look in 2013 due to universal design issues.

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