Monday, January 14, 2013

14 Great Ways to Design Corners in the Bathroom

by Becky Harris

Don't let your bathroom corners be a washout. Shelves, fixtures and even furniture can help them realize their full potential

Bathroom space is tight for most of us. Maximize your bathroom's function and style by looking at the corners in new ways. Whether you need additional storage, a way to squeeze in the sink, the best shower stall placement or a striking accent piece, make sure you look at all the angles.

A shower bench. A micro-corner in the shower is a good spot for a shower bench that is within reach of the sprayers but won't get in the way when you're standing. This is great for universal design, leg shaving and within-reach storage of shampoos and other products.

A shower stall. Pony walls around a corner shower stall enclose sink areas and provide a backsplash. Using clear glass to enclose the stall keeps a more open feeling and makes the space feel larger.

A freestanding bathtub. It can cut the corner and break up rectilinear lines.

Display shelves or a niche. This recessed shelf provides space for all of those luxurious products for the bath.

The sink. A corner sink is a great space saver in a powder room or small bathroom; it allows clearance from a door that opens inward.

This designer has treated the furniture and fixture layout the same way as in any other room. Most of the fixtures in a bathroom usually have to be shoved up against walls for plumbing purposes; angling the corner wall keeps this interesting.

Here is a much different take on corner sink placement. Note the way the narrow angled accent wall accentuates this contemporary sink. It's also a good lesson in scale; the height of the wall and mirror as well as the placement of the sconces stand up to the high ceilings.

A shower accent. Small mosaic tiles have a big presence on both sides of this shower stall's corner.

Shower shelves. Like the angled shower bench we saw earlier, corner shower shelves keep products handy yet out of the way.

Tip: Remember to look at your tallest bottles when planning out the height of your shelves.

An upper cabinet. Sometimes the spot where two counters meet can be awkward. This angled cabinet marries the two arched mirrors and the vanities.

A medicine cabinet. This vintage door conceals the tall corner storage cabinet in a unique way.

A dressing table. A corner is a great spot for nestling in a dressing table vanity — it makes the vanity area feel like its own distinct space.

A plant. An orchid, freshly cut flowers, a palm or another plant can breathe fresh life into a bathroom corner.

Windows. A set of windows that round the bend will double the view you enjoy while taking a soak.

The commode. The way this unit is angled gives more room on either side in this semiprivate stall.

Shelves. These floating shelves add attractive storage in a spot that would otherwise be wasted space.

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