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Quartz Countertops ~ Overview

Courtesy of RSW Countertop Guide

Quartz surfaces come in a broad range of colors and styles and feature a clean, safe product that is nonporous, making quartz a very popular, hygiene-friendly choice.

The flexibility of a quartz countertop allows many variations in its composition and stone makeup, which features homogeneous patterns and selections of varying-size quartz gemstone particulars.  Similar to quarried natural stones, quartz is a durable surface that can be fabricated to custome specifications while featuring a unique appearance different from granite surfaces.

Almost all quartz products on the market are manufactured using between 90 to 95% quartz particulars.  Quartz is an extremely hard, durable surface, and does not require sealing or suface conditioner.  Quartz countertops are stain-resistant, and because they are nonporous--quite resistant to bacteria as well.

What's the difference between natural stone an quartz?

Natural stone is a 100% natural material that is quarried out of the ground, cut into blocks, then processed into slabs for fabrication.  With all natural stones, what you see is what you get from Mother Nature.  Stone variations and colors can vary from slab to slab.  Quartz, on the other hand, is a crystal that is mined out of the ground as opposed to quarried.  Raw quartz crystals are then processed into aggregate for end-use products. Quartz surfaces are produced from a man-made, engineered process, in a factory, using pure quartz crystals and particulates.

Why is quartz sold as a stone product if it's man-made?

Quartz falls into the same category as a stone surface because quartz products are made using at least 90 to 95% quartz stone aggregate in their composition.  A quartz surface is made by combining quartz crystals with polymers and resins, and then formed under intense heat and pressure to form an extremely hard and durable surface.  Since it's man-made, this allows total flexibility and control with styles, colors and patterns during manufacturing.  Engineered quartz surfaces allow consistent colors and variations from production process to production process.  Even though finished quartz surfaces are non-porous giving consumers a hygiene-friendly material, some quartz products also contain addded built-in antimicrobial protection providing additional peace of mind against germs.

Once the manufacturing process is complete, quartz surfaces are not much different from a quarried natural stone.  Quartz products susch as Silestone, DuPont Zodiaq, HanStone, and LG Viatera are simply other product offerings to choose from.  They all offer different patterns, textures, color choices, styles, and pricing.  Quartz surfaces are typically priced similar to a "mid-range" granite.

Quartz Summary:

General Care:  Warm water and mild soap

  • Various product brands to choose from
  • Many styles, colors and patterns
  • Very hard and durable
  • Use for a wide variety of applications
  • Perfect for active households
  • Perfect for food preparation and food serving areas
Cons:  Heavy weight.  May need to reinforce cabinets.

Beware of:  Potential chipping around corners and edges

Sealing Needed:                      No
Polishing Needed:                   No
Stain Resistance:                    Excellent
Heat Resistance:                    Very Good
Scratch Resistance:               Very Good
Bacteria Resistance:             Excellent
Mold/Mildew Resistance:     Excellent
Impact Resistance:              Very Good
Chemical Resistance:          Excellent
Durability:                           Excellent
Porosity:                              Non Porous
Fabrication Versatility:      Very Good
Functionality:                     Excellent
Repairability:                     Very Good
Cleanability:                       Excellent
Visible Seams:                    Yes, consult with installer
Green Sustainability:        Yes (DuPont Terra Collection)

Composition:  Made with 90-95% pure quartz crystals with polymers and resins.

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