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Soapstone Countertops

Courtesy of RSW Countertop Guide
SoapStone Countertops
Quarried like granite, soapstone is a heavy, mineral talc composition with a high heat retention characteristic.  Used for years in fireplaces, wood stoves, and ovens, soapstone has recently made its mark with interior designers, homebuilders, architects, and countertop fabricators.  The beauty of soapstone can achieve a rustic, early American look, yet is versatile enough to be used in modern and contemporary interior designs.

Soapstone has become a popular design choice due to its unique, deep, rich marbling features and flowing veins.  Soapstone is a versitile product that can be used for sinks and outdoor applications as well.

Another appeal of soapstone is its natural beauty without polishing or surface treatments.  However, when oiled, soapstone exhibits an even more dramatic color variation and richness.  Soapstone is practically indestructible, requires almost no maintenance, and adds elegance and enduring value to any project.

Soapstone Summary:

General Care:  Warm water and mild soap

  • Unique exquisite look
  • Rich with dramatic characteristics
  • Solid and durable
  • Very easy to repair and buff out scratches
  • Integrate soapstone sinks
  • Very heavy - may need to reinforce cabinets
  • Somewhat limited color choices
  • Susceptible to scratching
Beware of:  Oxidizing and patina over time

Sealing Needed:                           No (can use mineral oil)
Polishing Needed:                      No
Stain Resistance:                        Very Good
Heat Resistance:                         Excellent
Scratch Resistance:                    Good
Bateria Resistance:                    Very Good
Mold/Mildew Resistance:       Very Good
Impact Resistance:                     Very Good
Chemical Resistance:                 Very Good
Durability:                                      Excellent
Porosity:                                         Minor Porosity
Fabrication Versatility:            Very Good
Functionality:                                Excellent
Repairability:                                Very Good
Cleanability:                                   Excellent
Visible Seams:                               Yes, Consult with Installer
Green Sustainability:                  No

Composition:                                    100% natural

*About Oiling:  You have the option of leaving soapstone in its natural state, however soapstone turns dark when exposed to liquids, grease, and oils.  To aviod inconsistent color or tone, treating your soapstone with mineral oil will keep your stone uniform across the entire surface.  In addition, mineral oil will also bring out the richness of your stone's natural color, creating a deeper and more dramatic appearance. 

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