Tuesday, June 12, 2012

9 Ways to Create a Not-So-Standard Bathroom

By David Yuen (Courtesy of Houzz)

Make a small bath more interesting with color contrast,
natural light, bright tile, transparency and more

Sometimes it's hard to get inspiration for a potentially uninteresting 5' x 8' bathroom space, and there are good reasons for it. Once you install the sink basin, toilet and bathtub there is not much room for accessories, and most homeowners and builders tend to choose neutral tones and colors for finishes because they are thinking of the resale value. The results are bathrooms we don't want to spend much time in besides doing our daily routines. Here are some designs to spark ideas for your next bathroom.

1.    Create color contrast. This black-and-white scheme keeps the bathroom simple and uncluttered. The dark tiles on the floor grounds the space perfectly.

2. Add natural light in unexpected places. The small opening across the length of the shower provides light and movement as the sun travels through the day.

3.  Maximize transparency with a clear glass sink. The diagonally laid tiles and full-length mirror further enhance openness for this bathroom.

4. Use space above the toilet for open or closed storage. The red accent wall adds depth and a focal point.

5.    Consider dramatic tile. The lemon-lime tile and glass shower panel take the attention away from the small dimension of this bathroom.

6.    Play with scale. Large tiles along the back wall makes the bathroom appear longer. Give your bathtub a finished look by tiling the tub as well.
7.  Color flow. As in the previous bathroom, the floor material continues up to the tub, making a nearly-seamless transition.

8. Spa-like materials. This bathroom gets a spa feel with light and calming materials with a hint of color.

9. Install storage shelves wherever possible. These open units with the bamboo-like drawers are an elegant way to store toothbrushes and other toiletries.


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