Monday, June 18, 2012

7 Kitchen Upgrades Worth the Money

By: Amara Holstein (Courtesy of Cultivate)

Tackling a kitchen renovation can feel overwhelming with the dizzying array of choices available. We’ve helped narrow down the options to some of our favorite kitchen innovations today—some of which are quite pricey, others less expensive—but all of which are great investments for your kitchen's future.

Modern Cabinet Interiors

Soft close doors, tray divider, cabinet rollouts, pull out spice rack
Though cabinet exteriors are usually the main attraction in any kitchen, it’s well worth it to invest in their insides too. The best extras? Our first recommendation is soft-close doors and drawers. The drawer glide construction is more durable, drawers don’t 'bounce back' when you close them, and there’s no more slamming of cabinet doors. Cabinets that speak to particular needs, such as tray dividers, spice racks, and recycling drawers, have major organization payoffs.  Photo by:

Touchless Faucets...At Home!

This innovation in residential design is turning heads in major health organizations, who praise its cleanliness and minimization of food contamination. Some faucets can be turned on by tapping anywhere on the spout or handles; other faucets have touchless technology that lets you wave a hand over a sensor to start the water flow. These faucets also provide ease of use for seniors, who may fumble with handles on traditional fixtures.
Photo by: Susan Serra, Designed by: Moen

A Cooktop Griddle

A cooktop griddle provides a larger surface for whipping up stacks of pancakes (and other foods) at once, while the flat edges make flipping easier. Available as a built-in option for pro ranges (36” and larger) as shown here, or as an addition you can buy and use on top of any range. We’re not quite as fond of the grill top option, though; they can be harder to clean and often result in a smoky kitchen.
Photo by: Bronson Pate of Bauman Photographers, Designed by: Andrea May Hunter Gatherer

Under-Counter Appliances
These conveniently placed appliances serve small spaces well, allowing fridges, wine storage, and freezer drawers to be installed compactly. Their trim sizes also leaves more room above—for cabinets, shelves, or simply for a bare, modern look. Plus, they allow for a kitchen tailored to your needs, whether you’d like to store a few bottles of wine or need an extra freezer for frozen summer berries, without having to commit to a full-size appliance.  Photo by: Lincoln Barbour,
Designed by: Kenton McSween Architect

A Steam Oven
You won't know how badly you need this new kitchen appliance until you have it. Cooking with steam is faster, easier, and healthier than cooking in a conventional oven (steam keeps moisture in food, so there’s no need to add much butter or oils). Now, built-in steam ovens even include convection technology for an all-in-one cooking appliance." The downside? Steam ovens are smaller than their conventional counterparts, so if you often make large roasts or have a big family, this might not work as your primary oven.
Photo by: Wilson-Wirth Design / Brent Haywood Photography
Designed by: Lisa Wilson-Wirth, CKD / Wilson-Wirth Design

Built-In Espresso Machine
If you feel like treating yourself to an early birthday present (this year and next), opt for a built-in espresso maker. The machines connect to the faucet, so you don’t have to refill water tanks or mess with unwieldy mechanisms, and it churns out espressos, cappuccinos, latt├ęs, and, of course, coffee in minutes. Sleek, sexy, and quietly streamlined, it's like having your own in-house coffee shop.
Photo by: Rick Lew Photography
Designed by: Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC

Counter Depth Refrigerators

Standard fridges extend about four inches past the edge of most countertops, looking bulky and incohesive. In contrast, counter depth fridges end flush with the countertop for the same look as a built-in fridge—and without a much higher price tag. Choose a model with an internal icemaker and water dispenser to keep the fridge front completely clear of any visual clutter. Photo by: Samsung

We realize that some of these upgrades can be a little pricey, but all of which are great investments for your future kitchen. At Cabinet-S-Top we can help you establish a budget, manage your budget and manage your wish list.  We want you to meet your budget while providing you with the essential items that will make you fall in love with your new kitchen.  Stop by and see us at 1977 Medina Road, Medina, OH ~ 330-239-3630.  You’ll be glad you did!

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