Monday, July 17, 2017

3 Tips for a Glamorous Kitchen Update

Style a sleek, modern space with innovative
surfaces using these tips from Cambria

Who doesn’t dream of a fabulous kitchen remodel? Given the amount of time we spend in the kitchen — prepping, cooking, baking, cleaning, entertaining — we crave a stylish space that draws us in, a retreat that aesthetically rivals the rest of the house.

A chic, updated kitchen is also one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. Ask any real estate agent which room upgrade carries the best return on investment and the kitchen will undoubtedly be at the top of the list. But it also can be one of the most overwhelming rooms to remodel. Where to begin?

Unlike the living room, which you might style around a piece of artwork or a rug, in the kitchen you want to start with the biggest features and work backward. Three areas in which to achieve maximum impact are cabinets, countertops and appliances. From there, everything else — flooring, paint, lighting, backsplash — can fall into place.

Keep reading for some tips from Cambria, a manufacturer of pure, natural quartz surfaces, on creating a unique and elegant kitchen that can be the highlight of your home.

1. Go Bold 

Don’t be afraid to make a statement. While we may be used to seeing subtle patterns on kitchen countertops, a more elaborate surface can perform double duty as a work of art. Use marble look-alike quartz for a beautiful, easy-to-maintain version without the hassle. Coordinate your paint, backsplash, flooring, hardware and decor with the undertones in your counter to make the design pop.

For example, to bring out the metallic flecks in your kitchen island, try adding polished nickel or unlacquered brass finishes for an elegant touch. Accentuate countertop veining by painting perimeter cabinets the same color or finding complementary ceramic tile or stone flooring. Stain your island cabinets to contrast with your countertops for a dramatic effect. And don’t forget to add personality with an artistic backsplash or unique barstools.

2. Go Sleek

There’s something about a modern kitchen that feels clean and hip, even if you’re just reheating leftover meatloaf for dinner. A white-and-gray palette is on trend, the ideal backdrop for high-tech innovations like induction cooktops, touch-on faucets and appliances controlled from your smartphone. Simple (or hidden) hardware, strong horizontal lines and limited ornamentation can help make your kitchen shine.

If you decide on lighter-hued surfaces, be sure they’re stain-resistant, as nothing detracts from a state-of-the-art space like a coffee ring or a splash of red wine. A clean, modern kitchen is ideal for small spaces, as minimalist design allows for increased efficiency and functionality. Durable, low-maintenance surfaces streamline a kitchen even more. Now if only you could get a robot to do the dishes … 

3. Go Luxe

Is your style elegant and sophisticated? There’s no reason your kitchen can’t be too. Tying your home’s overall design into the kitchen is essential for open-concept living. But remember that high-end doesn’t have to mean high-maintenance.

Add an unexpected piece of art, a conversation (center) piece, chic barstools and a statement light fixture to make your kitchen truly feel unique. And don’t forget to accessorize. Small details can create an opulent feel: Think fresh flowers, dimmable lights, designer linens, ornate hardware or a cluster of votive candles.

It’s hard to believe that kitchens used to be relegated to the back of the house, far removed from family living and intended purely as a workspace. Today, a sophisticated, well-designed kitchen is seen as one of the surest paths to luxurious living in your home.

With a beautiful kitchen, you may find yourself dusting off that stack of neglected Bon Appétit magazines and tackling more elaborate recipes, or polishing your silver for the first time in months. Guests may linger longer in your fresh new entertaining space, as every good dinner party ends up in the kitchen. As the last of the stragglers leave, pour 
yourself a glass of pinot; with the right design choices, cleanup won’t feel like a chore in your new haute haven. 

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