Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Crystal Ball Department: Kitchen Trends for 2017

HGTV’s new series Restored by the Fords features the brother and sister team of Leanne and Steve Ford who renovate older homes in western Pennsylvania. Leanne recently related to us the kitchen design ideas that will be trending in 2017.
No Man Is An Island
Ford sees the continued popularity of open floor plan kitchens, but the latest trend is to bring elements of the living and dining room right into the kitchen. Eschewing the venerable kitchen island, many clients are opting for a rustic wood table instead. Meshing other rooms in the home with the kitchen makes a lot of sense because the kitchen is where most family and friends hang out. It’s a space that goes far beyond meal preparation.
White Is Right
Getting white right can make a unique and special design statement. The challenge of all white kitchens is to avoid making them look sterile. We make white kitchens stand out by using a variety of different textures. This may involve subway tile for a backsplash, wood grains in flooring, wall coverings or accent pieces and use of linen, cotton and other textures that move a room from cold to warm and cozy.
Bye Bye Bar Cart
Bar carts can be beautiful, but are they really necessary? Ford does not think so because regardless of the scope of a beverage collection, there are better means of display that take up less space. Liquor manufacturers adorn their bottles with fantastic looking labels and etchings, and that makes displaying them anywhere easy. Open shelving, bookshelves and atop cabinets are options to consider. Other bonuses of banning the bar cart is that you create more space in your kitchen, and when you display liquor bottles like fine art, they reflect light like mirrors which can brighten up any corner.
Bronze It
Bronze is taking a more prominent role in kitchen design. Bronze is starting to appear on appliances, drawer pulls, light fixtures and door hardware. Bronze accent pieces such as trays and vases can help make a new kitchen pop.
Concrete Ideas
Concrete is a viable alternative to stone that is less costly, extremely durable and has almost unlimited flexibility.
Sink One Then Sink Two
Imagine how much easier your life would be if your kitchen had two separate sinks. Dual sinks allow two people to prepare meals or clean up simultaneously. We often recommend two separate sinks for families that like to cook together and for those who like to entertain. Two sinks make dinner parties that much more fun. You can use one sink for clean up and the fill the other with ice to make it a beverage station.
What Goes Around Comes Around
Retro looks are gaining ground and will continue to trend in 2017. Everything from vintage looking appliances with rounded edges and a taller skinnier profile to rustic tables are finding their way into kitchens of today and tomorrow.
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