Monday, October 10, 2016

Kitchen Confidential: 11 Ways to Design With Black

 by Sam Ferris

From baseboards to countertops, go 
bold by adding black finishes to your kitchen

Black finishes are no stranger to kitchens, but they’re definitely trending right now. Homeowners are rolling out inky hues on just about every surface, from window trims and baseboards to cabinets and countertops. Whether you want to play it safe with decorative pieces or go all-in with pitch-black flooring, you too can get a taste of the dark side. Here are 11 ideas to get you started.

1. Light fixtures. We all know lighting plays a key role in just about every kitchen, but so can the color of your light fixtures. A spherical chandelier with a wrought iron finish may turn out to be both the centerpiece of your dinette area and your entire kitchen, as can a trio of black pendant lights above an island. The traditional Austin, Texas, kitchen seen here combines both in classic fashion.

2. Accent pieces. If you’re nervous about going black, small decor pieces can make the plunge a lot less intimidating. They’re easy and inexpensive to swap out and won’t completely alter your kitchen’s aesthetic. Lamp shades, vases, antique timepieces, picture frames, artwork and place settings are just some of the ways to throw a little chic black into the mix.

3. Furniture. Even though furniture involves more commitment than decor does, it’s still a relatively safe way to venture over to the dark side. While larger furniture pieces are by no means inexpensive, it certainly costs less to change out black furniture than to change out countertops, backsplashes and cabinets. Less costly pieces include dining chairs and bar stools. If you’re more adventurous and willing to spend a bit, try an all-black dining table.

4. Hardware. Even the tiniest of kitchen accessories can don a black finish. Cabinet hardware is no exception. There’s more than one finish to choose from, including iron, nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. Iron hardware is perfect for traditional-, Spanish- or Mediterranean-style kitchens, as is oil-rubbed bronze, which brings a bit of warmth to the table. Sleek black nickel hardware adds a polished touch to contemporary and modern designs. Opt for large pulls to show off more black.

5. The island. Say what you want about black cabinetry, but there are few better ways to get a look that’s as smart and sophisticated. Painted black island cabinetry can fulfill so many different design desires. It can wow in contemporary kitchens that have a clean white palette or add a little bit of charm to farmhouse and French country designs. Let your black island stand alone as an accent piece or paint another one of your cabinets to match it.

Consider adding a touch of gold to dark cabinets with a vintage finish. It’s one way to go black but still incorporate some color and warmth into your design.

6. Backsplashes. If you’ve ever shopped for a backsplash, you can imagine all of the creative black designs available. These include classic options like subway tile, and various materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, glass and even natural stone.

A black backsplash doesn’t have to be loud. If you’re not a fan of solid black mosaic or ceramic tile, choose a style that blends black with one or more other colors for a softer look. This Shabby Chic-style kitchen’s mosaic backsplash coordinates with the solid black countertop but also has lighter colors in it.

7. Countertops. If you think black cabinets and backsplashes are too bold, your counters are a good middle-of-the-road option. Black countertops can tie together a crisp black-and-white color scheme, and you can find them in a variety of materials, including granite, quartz and soapstone.

If you want a subtler way to introduce black into your countertops, shop around for a style that has movement and veining. You can also mix colors and styles. This contemporary kitchen features dark perimeter countertops but maintains a light and airy design with a white island countertop.

8. The range hood. Black appliances are totally out of style, right? Not quite. Metallic hoods are one of 2016’s hottest kitchen trends, and this includes black metal finishes. Whether it’s made of stainless steel, painted wood or metal, a black range hood can hold its own in a kitchen full of high-end finishes.

9. Window trim. This option comes with a fair share of flair. Outlining your windows with a deep black hue, or using black on the baseboards or crown molding, creates depth and dimension and is undoubtedly a statement-making design choice. Start with one of your windows and see how it transforms your kitchen.

10. Cabinets and shelves.Cabinets and shelves aren’t just for storage and display; they can be accent pieces too. This Scandinavian kitchen features open shelving with a painted black interior, which accentuates the shape of the island. If you have floating shelves, you might like the contrast of black shelves against a light wall or backsplash.

Have open or floating shelves? Squeeze a little bit of black into your kitchen by choosing dark shelf supports or corbels. They deliver a lot of visual impact against a white backdrop.

11. Flooring. It’s a decision many homeowners wouldn’t dare to make, but installing a black floor can be well worth it. A dark tile floor can ground your kitchen design and create a little drama. Pieces with lighter finishes will also appear bigger, better and bolder against a rich black backdrop.

Maintenance is the other important consideration aside from aesthetics. Dust and dirt tend to show more on darker surfaces, so stay away if you want to do less upkeep.

You can tone a black hardwood floor down a notch by adding texture via grains and knots. Grains may even bring in a bit of white to soften the color of your floor.

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