Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Absolute Right Way to Hang Toilet Paper. Maybe

by Mitchell Parker

Find out whether over or under is ahead in our poll and
see some unusual roll hangers, shelves and nooks

Confession: I’m hung over. No, I didn’t drink too much alcohol last night. What I mean is, my toilet paper hangs over the front of the roll, rather than under (or behind) it. And according to a recent, I’m in the majority.

As of this writing, the poll has topped well over 13,000 votes, with nearly 11,500 (around 85 percent) saying they prefer (demand?) that the roll hangs over. But almost 2,000 people still say they want the sheets to hang under the roll. Maybe they have a point?

Let’s take a look at the most common viewpoints in the over-under debate.

The Case for Over

The fine print.
 If you buy printed or patterned toilet paper, the design usually shows up on only one side of the sheets. If you hang the toilet paper over, then this design is clearly visible as you pull the sheets out and tear them off. If you were to hang the toilet paper under, or behind, you won’t see the design as you unroll the paper. This leads many to believe that the proper way to hang is over.

But maybe they’re all making the same mistake. And if 15 percent of people are hanging their rolls under, toilet paper manufacturers are missing a large market. Someone should come out with a line of toilet paper printed on both sides — or, better yet, on just the underside of the sheets.

Etiquette. Similarly, users say that because hotels hang it over — and neatly fold the tip — this means that over is the proper way. Also, one user commented that this method was even taught in her prep school.

Then maybe hanging under is a form of rebellion, something the cool kids do? For Mitch Wong, the way it’s hung is all a matter of keeping sane. “Over, because of family peace,” he says.

The Case for Under

Cats and babies. Apparently the most popular reason for hanging toilet paper under is that it’s more difficult for tiny creatures to unspool it that way. 

A New Dilemna

But not everyone (gulp) hangs the toilet paper horizontally. Many people now buy hangers that hold rolls vertically, which opens up another huge can of worms. Do you hang it to the left, as seen here?

Or to the right? Or does it depend on which side of the toilet the roll is on? Should it go toward or away from you?

Should it hang to the right but with the sheets gracefully flapping back to the left? Should the sheets go behind altogether?

Or what about those who don’t hang their toilet paper at all? What’s the correct placement here? Is it a matter of which finger you spool the roll on?

And what about here? Are you supposed to give a celebratory low-five slap after each use? Which brings up another point: Some people just want the roll hung. Period.

“My husband has a tendency to set a new roll on top of the old empty tube without actually putting it on the holder,” comments bluenan.  “Really, dude? You can’t stick the thing on while you’re sitting there?! In that case I would just like the new roll put on, and if it’s the wrong way, I can change it later!”

I think I’m just going to hide the roll completely. That way it just doesn’t matter which way it’s hung. (Or does it?)

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