Monday, July 21, 2014

No Finish Like Chrome

Article Courtesy of Kitchen & Bath Trends Magazine

There are countless options for finishes when you’re shopping for your bathroom renovations.  Everything from the lighting to the cabinetry hardware comes in a plethora of different finishes and styles, making it overwhelming to choose.  While brass is trendy and oil rubbed bronze is stylish, one full-proof finish will always be chrome.

This classic look tends to be shunted aside by bolder finishes because people look at it as an outdated, overused finish. The truth about this finish is just the opposite.  It’s a timeless piece that will still look beautiful 10, 20 even 30 years from now.  While other finishes may be passing fads, chrome will never go out of style. 

Chrome fixtures add shine and sparkle to any style room with their gorgeous reflective surfaces.  It’s easy to clean, durable and one of the most inexpensive finishes on the market.  The greatest benefit of chrome hardware and fixtures is how easy it is to match.  You can pair chrome faucets, cabinetry and hardware and lighting fixtures with any style and you will have a sleek, sophisticated space.  It’s also extremely easy to find other products that match your chrome finish because most fixtures and hardware comes in chrome.

The room featured above is a phenomenal example of how to design with chrome.  The gray color palette looks stunning with chrome fixtures and using a bunch of different hues creates a playful effect when the colors are reflected around the room.  The natural light from the window bounces off the chrome finish and makes the space airy and open. This space plays into the strengths of chrome, turning a finish into a statement. 

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