Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bathroom Workbook: 8 Elements of Traditional Style

by Mitchell Parker

Good things can last forever. That’s why traditional-style decor, some of which has its roots in 18th-century England, is one of the most popular styles found in homes today. But defining what constitutes it is somewhat tricky. For example, most people aren’t going to outfit their bathroom with furniture pieces built in the 1700s, or pay through the nose for antique French faucets. Instead, designers try to use pieces that are manufactured today, but still pay homage to that particular time period, without crossing the fine line into the clean lines of contemporary bathroom style.

“You try to get that feel,” says Jill Breed, a project coordinator at David Sharff Architect, a firm that’s spearheaded countless traditional projects in places like Boston and Newport, Rhode Island. “So we use painted, furniture-like cabinetry, traditional faucet styles with cross handles and avoid things like modern or sleek fixtures, rectangular sinks and contemporary materials like Caesarstone that would make more of a transitional style.”

Here are eight ways designers add traditional style to a bath.

“I like to keep it simple and visually pleasing,” says Floriana Petersen of the traditional-style bathroom in this French café–inspired apartment in San Francisco. She used classic wainscoting, soft whites and blues, and antiques, like the folding chair used as a towel holder. “This style is for anybody who likes traditions, simplicity and coziness,” she adds.

1. Antique-style lighting. The fixtures are ornamental and unique. Think curvy antique sconces rather than tubular or streamlined fixtures.

2. Cabinets with character. Rounded legs, carved door faces and ornate knobs define cabinets and vanities in traditional spaces. “Vanities look more like pieces of furniture,” says Breed.

3. Calming colors. You probably won’t find a lot of bright orange in a bathroom that’s leaning traditional. Instead, pale blues and greens are the often the norm, and neutrals like white, black, gray and brown take center stage.

4. Plenty of molding. Keeping in line with a detailed space, no area is spared when it comes to molding; it is prevalent on ceilings, armoires and cabinets. Wainscoting, bold wallpaper and detailed millwork are also common.

5. Lots of detail. One of the hallmarks of traditional spaces is the attention to detail. Tilework, millwork and cabinetry all bear extra ornament in traditional settings, like the bathroom pictured here, which blends traditional details with contemporary updates, such as the glassed-in shower. “It’s not something you’re going to become sick of or will grow old on you. It’s refreshing,” says Breed.

6. Unique tilework. You’ll see lighter veining and colors in traditional bathroom tile, which runs the gamut but typically is something classic, like Calacatta or Carrara marble. You’ll see more tile play and mosaics and unique patterning, like the golden onyx and slanted tiles seen here.

7. Stand-alone storage cabinets. In traditional settings, function is usually hidden and artistry is showcased. You’ll quite often see separate armoires or vertical cabinets used as linen closets.

8. Lusterless finishes. You’ll see a lot of brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze rather than shiny new polished chrome, says Sasha Idris, a design associate at Diane Durocher Interiors.

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