Monday, April 7, 2014

9 Creative Looks for Kitchen Cabinets

by Laura Gaskill

When plain cabinet finishes just won’t cut it,
consider these elegant to inventive approaches

There’s nothing wrong with plain white or wood cabinets, but if you’ve been looking for something with more zest and presence, these nine ideas can help. Running the gamut from elegant (stained glass) and green (reclaimed wood) to pure fun (pink), these creative cabinet designs will hopefully inspire you.
1. Stained glass. Get the warm, handmade look of an antique home even if your house is brand new with a set of lovely stained glass cabinets like the ones shown here. Installing interior cabinet lighting will enhance the look even more, casting a warm glow through the colored glass.
2. Cubbies. Break up all of the long, rectangular shapes usually present in the kitchen with neat little cubbyholes. If you go with nonstandard-size cabinets, be sure to measure your kitchenware first to be sure everything will fit.

3. Sliding barn-style doors. Love the look of open shelves but don’t want to go all the way? Consider adding sliding barn doors to your cabinets — they will allow you to conceal or reveal what you want.
4. A few colored doors. Want the crispness of an all-white kitchen but with a dash of pizzazz? Swap out one white cabinet door in every three or four for a brightly hued one, and watch your kitchen spring to life.
5. Glossy pink. Pink is a bold and undeniably fun choice for cabinets. Bubble gum pink, as shown here, has a distinctly retro feel, while deeper raspberry would take the look in a more sophisticated direction.
6. Two bold hues. Why stop with one bold color when you can have two? Choose one hue for the upper cabinets and another for the lowers, or do most of the cabinets in one hue and just one set in another color for contrast. Match the intensity across hues — pair lime green with bright turquoise, for instance, or pale lemon with soft spring green.
7. Open on top. Want open shelving without having to reveal all of your stuff? Consider cabinets with one open shelf at the top — it will be just enough to display favorite items while still allowing most of your stuff to reside behind closed doors. Take a cue from the kitchen shown here and line the open shelf with pretty wood and cabinet lights.
8. Chalkboard doors. Chalkboard insets made from real slate and framed in reclaimed wood are a refined take on a rustic look that is also quite practical. You can write your grocery lists and favorite recipes right on the cupboards! For a budget-friendly cabinet update, paint your existing cabinet doors with several coats of chalkboard paint and get writing.

9. Reclaimed wood. Standard plasticky cabinets getting you down? Try old reclaimed wood instead — rich in character, reclaimed wood adds charm and patina. The custom cabinets shown here were made from reclaimed oak, then finished with a whitewash and a clear protective finish.
If you love the look of reclaimed wood but don’t want to redo your entire kitchen, you can get the look without nearly as much work (or cost) by lining a single opening with old wooden boards. Install a floating shelf in the same color and style as your cabinets to help fold in the new feature.
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