Monday, December 16, 2013

Trend to Try: A Kitchen Counter Waste Hole

By Kathie Robitz
No one ever said kitchen waste disposal would be pretty. You are, after all, dealing with garbage. But you can make the process easier—and more convenient—with the aptly named kitchen waste hole. A quick and easy way to get rid of food scraps, this feature is usually incorporated into a butcher-block countertop that’s used for chopping. That way, the homeowner can just brush any leftover scraps directly into the opening. According to Denise Grothouse, of The Gothouse Lumber Company, “It creates a food preparation space that is self-contained, which is especially helpful in a busy kitchen with multiple cooks.” Bonus: A waste hole is a handy way to collect scraps for composting. And, in a home that can’t use a garbage disposoer because of a too small septic system, adding one is a makes a smart alternative.
Why we love them: They eliminate the back and forth steps to a trash can, because you simply swipe or push messy scraps or crumbs into a built-in receptacle that’s mounted flush with the countertop. “A stainless-steel bin that lifts out for emptying or cleaning can easily be incorporated into your kitchen design,” said Grothouse. However waste holes can also simply empty directly into an under-counter trashcan. “Designers can also incorporate stainless-steel compost drawers below the hole,” she added.
How to Use: Grothouse highly recommends emptying a trash receptacle at least once a day, especially if it contains chicken or seafood scraps, but she says, “Waste bins integrated into the cabinetry should last longer. The frequency of emptying the bins can vary based on the items in the garbage and the climate.” 
Adding a lid can also keep odors at bay, but waste hole don’t always come with one,  and they must be made separately. “Custom wood lids can add a decorative flair to the design,” says Grothouse. Often these coverings are made of easy-to-wipe-clean stainless steel. Lids can be flush mounted or with flip-up handles.

The bottom line: If you’re thinking of installing one yourself, “The easiest way is to use a hole saw,” says Grothouse. “A six-inch round opening is sufficient for most kitchens, but the ideal size can vary on the room’s design and layout.” However: don’t try to use the cut out piece of wood for the lid. “It will be too small due to the width of the blade used to cut the opening,” Grothouse explains.
Cabinet-S-Top can assist you with installation of a custom waste hole to be in your butcher block countertop.  Located at 1977 Medina Road, Medina, OH  ~ 330.239.3630 ~


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  1. Most people don't prefer to keep waste bins in their kitchen because of dirty look of waste bins.But this trendy waste bin keeps all your problem away,its really stylished , trendy and collect large amount of waste.

    Regards Dennis