Monday, September 9, 2013

Need More Kitchen Storage? Consider Hutch-Style Cabinets

by Rebekah Zaveloff

Extend your upper cabinets right down to
the countertop for more dish or pantry storage

Hutch-style cabinets are enjoying a comeback as homeowners look for ways to add furniture style to their kitchens. A hutch is technically described as cabinet or shelving set on top of a base cabinet with a countertop in between. Lately we are seeing hutches interpreted to meet the growing storage needs of a kitchen. When considering a hutch, just remember not to sacrifice too much counter space. Here’s a look at some kitchen layouts that successfully integrate this idea, in both built-in and standalone pieces.

Symmetry is often a hallmark trait of hutch-style cabinets. Here there are two cabinets with doors of equal size with a single drawer below. Hutch-style cabinets often look best as a flush inset construction, where you see the face frame around the doors as shown here. These are composed of very clean and simple shaker doors within square inset framed cabinets and very little embellishment. Even though these cabinets are framed, the hinges are concealed.
These hutches are also framed inset with concealed hinges, but have the added embellishments of glass shelves and cabinet lighting. Another typical hallmark of the hutch cabinet is that it's often seen at the end of a run of cabinets — this helps to define the end of the kitchen and the start of new space.
This hutch has exposed hinges, divided lights within the glass doors, but no bottom drawers. There aren't any rules about how to design your hutch cabinet — it's about what makes sense for the type of storage you need and the look you want.

The unique X-style mullions in this hutch style cabinet gives it the look of a cabinet we’d typically see in a dining room or library. Complete with bottom drawers, exposed hinges and flush inset construction style, it's a classic desig

Modern and clean, this hutch adds a ton of storage to this kitchen. Space that might have been wasted as a backsplash now provides ample storage for glassware and dishes. As long as you have enough counter space where you need it, a hutch is well worth the sacrifice.

This hutch has more of a vintage butler's pantry vibe. Unlike the previous examples, the wood on this model extends across the counter top portion, which makes it look more like one solid furniture piece.

Another design that is gaining popularity is flanking an opening or pass-through with two hutches. Often this design incorporates cabinets across the top of the opening, connecting the pair of hutch cabinets.

When you have plenty of counter space, there's nothing wrong with sacrificing some it for a hutch cabinet. In addition to providing extra storage space, cabinets that run to the countertop add a more finished, formal look to the kitchen.


If you're not in the market for a kitchen remodel, you can change up the look and add storage with a freestanding vintage hutch. It can slip right into a bit of unused space in your kitchen or dining area.


Vintage hutches come in so many shapes and styles, it's just a matter of having the patience and time to enjoy the hunt for one that fits your space and suits your taste.

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