Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eight Secrets to a Happy Kitchen

by Steele Thomas Marcoux

Kitchens may be the most functional rooms in the house, but the long hours logged in these spaces doesn’t mean kitchens have to be all work and no play. In fact, their role as the hub of the house means they need to be just as inviting as they are hardworking. From layout considerations that will make cooking, cleaning, and food storage a little easier to decorative touches that will make the utilitarian space more personal, these eight design tips will add cheer to any kitchen.

#1. Soften Your Step

There’s no getting around spending a lot of time on your feet in the kitchen. One way to ease the burden is roll out runner in the space between the kitchen island and the opposing range or sink.  The softer surface will add warmth to typically less-than-barefoot-friendly kitchen floors made of tile or wood. Another option: install cork underfoot. The absorbent material is easy on joints.

#2: Shorten Your Commute
An efficient floor plan, like the kitchen shown here, clusters appliances together into one work zone that makes hands-on cooking time less cumbersome. The most important space to consider is the one between the sink and range: at least four feet but not much more will ensure that the area is not cramped and that nothing is out of reach. Furthermore, having the refrigerator close to the range makes it easier to add another pad of butter or splash of milk to whatever’s cooking.

#3. Cut Down On Clutter
Reducing clutter in the kitchen is the first step to creating a calm environment for cooking and cleaning. Keep key ingredients handy­—and off countertops—with smart storage solutions like these pullout cabinets. Bulky items like oils, vinegars, and spices are right next to the cook top but can be hidden out of sight when not needed.

#4. Turn Down The Volume
Eliminating as much annoying mechanical noise as possible with simple noise-lessening tricks is another great way to keep the kitchen—and surrounding areas—stress-free. These days, there are plenty of quiet (and effective!) appliances on the market, so choose carefully.  Sub-Zero and Wolf both offer refrigerators with little to no hum and Miele and Bosch both manufacture super quiet dishwashers.


#5. Brighten Things Up
Well-designed lighting can instill a sunny mood anywhere, especially in kitchens like this one. The key is to use multiple types of lighting and multiples sources of light. Kitchens typically need a combination of recessed cans for overhead light; pendants over sinks or islands for targeted task light; and under cabinet for countertop light. Another tip: mix incandescent and halogen bulbs, which give off warm light, with more efficient fluorescent and LED lights, which give off cooler light, for a balanced approach.

#6. Add A Conversation Starter

Even cooks love a little company. To encourage people to sit down and stay a while, furnish the space with super comfy barstools like the upholstered versions in this kitchen.  The cushy seat and tall back will help facilitate long talks during meal prep and cleanup.

#7. Liven Things Up With Color
Nothing adds energy to a room like a jolt of bright color.  In this kitchen, the blues and greens adds depth, creates a focal point, and draws more attention to the beautiful view outside. Painting cabinetry, choosing colored appliances, or laying down a patterned rug are other great ways to add color. If nothing makes you happier than a bright white kitchen, consider adding seasonal color with flowers. 

#8. Make It Personal
Just because the kitchen is primarily a workspace doesn’t mean it has to be void of any personal touches. Take the same approach as you might at your desk and cheer it up with personal elements, such as artwork, family photos, or a prized collection like cookbooks or antique serving pieces. It'll make your cook spot feel even more like home.

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