Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The 6 Most Popular Kitchen Faucet Styles

by Susan Hall
 Faucets are used for so many tasks—from hand washing to spot-treating stains—and they're also available in a mind-boggling number of styles. From materials to convenience to technology, the look, feel and function of faucets are always evolving. So how do you narrow down the choices for your kitchen? We talked to two designers—Elizabeth R. Swartz, ASID, owner of ERS Design, LLC in Boston, and Lisa Busacca Furey, owner of Barefoot Interiors in Villanova, Pennsylvania—to get their take on the today's hottest faucet trends. 
 1. Old World
“This style carries forward the green/vintage trend—a return to the handcrafted, authentic things in life,” Furey says. The distinction in this style is its dark, timeworn, oxidized finish. “In particular, gunmetal, oil-rubbed bronze and matte black provide a handsome, unexpected alternative to traditional metals,” Swartz says. “The darker hues are very versatile and look great next to whites, creams and browns.”

2. Pullout
Pullout and pull-down faucet styles, which incorporate an extendable spray nozzle into the faucet (versus a separate one on the side of the sink), are made for kitchens where convenience is key. Many styles have buttons on the nozzle that allow you to switch between varying spray patterns.
3. Industrial
“With a growing interest in cooking shows, celebrity chefs and gourmet kitchens, people are looking for restaurant-worthy fixtures throughout the kitchen,” says Swartz. For the faucet, think sleek lines, versatile nozzles, industrial-looking details and more height than your typical spout. “Industrial-style faucets also provide a very polished-looking kitchen with no trace of fussiness,” Swartz adds.
4. Wall-Mount
 “Wall-mount fixtures offer increased faucet height, creating a more unique look while taking up less countertop real estate,” Furey says. As the name suggests, wall-mount faucets are installed into the wall versus on the countertop. They typically have a spout that swivels to reach all areas of the sink. “Wall-mount faucets come in a variety of finishes and styles, and are a great option for those looking for an antique kitchen style, but they're also available in clean, modern looks,” Furey says.
5. Contemporary
As with the industrial style, sleek lines are a key player here, but a focus on ergonomics and simplicity—and sometimes interesting geometry—sets the two types apart. “This is a growing trend that works in transitional, modern and eclectic spaces,” Swartz says. “Often, these faucets feature a single lever or handle rather than the traditional dual-lever bridge style.”
6. Handle-Free
Great for water conservation and prohibiting the spread of germs and dirt (which leads to less faucet scrubbing on your end!), touchless—or hands-free—technology has been around for awhile, but only recently has it staked a claim in the kitchen. Most hands-free faucets are turned on and off by touching anywhere on the handle or spout. Some even sport motion or infrared sensors that require no contact at all.
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