Monday, November 19, 2012

Kitchen Solution: The Open Island

by Becky Harris

No Room for a Big Island?
Here's How to Create More Working Space Anyway

Do you long for a kitchen island, but fear that your kitchen is too small to handle one? Like me, you may have had a large, clunky, massive image of a kitchen island in your head. This may not be the case.  There are a slew of islands that resemble tables and free-standing industrial counters. These models have a lot of advantages. While they don't have as many storage options as their clunkier island brothers, their open shapes take up less visual and physical space.
If all you really need is an extra surface for working and gathering, and perhaps an extra shelf, here are some options to consider for your kitchen.
In this petite kitchen the open island provides an extra prep surface as well as a shelf underneath. It's the perfect size for a small kitchen.
If you think that your kitchen may be too narrow for an island, consider a long narrow table like this one.  
An island with metal legs and a laminate top keeps this kitchen light and airy, thus (the open shelves used in lieu of traditional cabinets have a similar effect).  This is a great example of modernizing the cottage style.

This table-like island has high farmhouse-table style, adding traditional lines and materials to a modern kitchen.
Technically, this is a kitchen peninsula because it's connected, but this piece could be used as an island and float wherever you want it. The metal finish adds commercial-kitchen style to this summer home.

Kitchen expert Rebekah Zaveloff says "I love open kitchen islands for smaller spaces because you don’t need an extra overhang like you do when there’s closed storage...I love the easy access to everyday salad bowls, pots and pans." 
This vintage cart adds character, patina and personality to this kitchen.  This designer has done a great job of using just the right number of vintage objects, such as the enamel Morton's Salt sign, vintage clock, counter stool and cart.  These items add the right balance of well-worn character into the light kitchen, without stepping into vintage overload.
This island had some drawers for extra storage and still keeps a more open feeling. I like the contrast of the blue paint with the rich reclaimed wood.
This island is perfectly scaled to fit in the long but narrow kitchen.  A good test for gauging measurements and placement is to open your oven, dishwater, cabinets and refrigerator to make sure there is enough clear space in the center of all of them.

 At Cabinet-S-Top we can help you decide what style of island will work in your kitchen.  Give us a call, we specialize in maximizing your kitchen and creating more work space for you to use.

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