Monday, July 2, 2012

Designer's Touch: 10 Tidy Laundry Rooms

by: Shane Inman (Courtesy of Houzz)

Whether you are washing, drying, sorting or folding, your laundry room is bound to get a lot of use. But is yours being used to its full potential? Since most laundry rooms are on the small side, the key is to maximize space and function. Whether you're lucky enough to have a full laundry room, or you have a washer and dryer tucked into another room, these helpful tips are sure to save you space.

1. Master craft. If you have the space, incorporate an arts-and-crafts station into your laundry room to keep things neat and clean. Wrap a gift, glue together your child's school project or prepare a package for the mail — multitasking while doing household chores was never so easy.

2. Top secret. Install organizational baskets and bins inside your cabinet doors and drawers. Secretly maximize laundry and garbage storage so you have more time to get to it. No one will suspect that you have so much to do.

3. Shelving smarts. Evenly install shelves above your washer and dryer or over your folding station for well-dressed organization. Martha Stewart would be so proud!

4. Pedestal perfect. Ensure an ergonomical and smooth-running operation in your laundry room by building a pedestal for your washer and dryer to eliminate those awkward and painful bending motions.

5. Pressed to impress. Install a wall-mounted ironing board as a simple space-saving solution to any compact laundry room.

6. Double duty. Adding a desk (either freestanding or built in) allows you to double up on daily chores. Sit comfortably while paying bills, making chore lists and planning dinner for the week, all while paying attention to the laundry.

7. Pooch parlor. If you have extra space, extra dollars and extra pets, think about adding a doggie washing area in the laundry room. It's the perfect way to clean everything from clothes to paws.
8. Stackable solutions. Front-loading washers and dryers can be stacked to maximize usable space — a great solution for cramped condos and small apartments.

9. Fabric softener. Don't have a dedicated laundry room? Incorporate a washer and dryer into any room by concealing them behind fabric curtains. This is also a great way to camouflage outdated appliances.

10. Make a splash. Backsplashes aren't just for kitchens now — they're a great way to ramp up your home's design style by carrying your overall esthetic into the laundry room. Add a punch of personality by installing your favorite material above your sink, washer and dryer while you save your walls from water damage.

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