Monday, May 14, 2012

Creative Ideas for Kitchen Islands

by: Scott A. Stultz (Courtesy of Cultivate)

Kitchen islands are all-purpose workhorses. They're places for prepping food, hubs for socializing, homework stations, and spots to eat quick meals. But they can also act as important design elements in the kitchen arena, serving as a room divider, a raised bar, or even a case to display books and collections. Don't think all islands look the same either.

Island Life

There are a few fundamentals to consider when approaching its design. Whether it’s a multi-tasking command center or a humble two-foot-square chopping block, make sure your island's parts are in proportion to its bulk. This means that if you use legs, turnings, or feet, they should relate to the form they’re supporting and not look out of place. Skinny turnings stuck under heavy sections of countertop or pasted onto corners for decoration, for example, can look gratuitous and silly. Remember: Countertop thicknesses, edges, and corner details should add to rather than distract from the main message of a kitchen island, which is ultimately, “I am a piece of furniture with a function to perform.”

Creative Ideas

To achieve ultimate functionality from your island, don't feel limited by the usual single, large island. Think outside the box with multiple, smaller islands that do many things. Don't be afraid to get creative with shape either. In a kitchen that opens to a living space, a wedge-shaped island with a curved banquette carved into it uses the island as the back wall of an implied dining space—and can create a cool design feature.
In the kitchen proper, a work island near the range is slashed by a raised bar top that orients towards the main social space. These non-traditional additions often add to scultpural element to a space and often emphasize outdoor views.

Overall, well-designed islands have simple elements and details that are as sensitive to line, form, and proportion as any good piece of furniture. With a little thoughtfulness and careful consideration, though, your island can be a beautiful work of functional art.

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