Monday, April 30, 2012

Dream Kitchen Must-Haves

Tricked-out cabinets, clean countertops and convenience top the list
By Becky Harris (Courtesy of Houzz)

Here’s a look at must-have features for your dream kitchen; some are time-proven standbys, and some are on the cutting edge. Having a place for everything and everything in its place (hiding clutter, from sponges to electric outlets), maximizing cabinet storage and including elements are what make kitchen activities easier.


Pot filler. This handy faucet means no more having to schlep a heavy pasta pot full of water from the sink to the stovetop.

Walk-in pantry. A good spot to store food, appliances, cookbooks, seldom-used platters and fancy china has always been handy to have.

Hidden sponge storage in front of the sink. Sponges are unsightly; why clutter up sink-side space with them? This use of the often wasted space in front of the sink is very clever.

Built-in dishtowel hamper. Sponges aren't the only items you don't want to look at. Today's sleek kitchens have dedicated spots for dishtowels, both dirty and clean.


All kinds of appliances. Double ovens, warming drawers, convection ovens and wine refrigerators are on the wish lists. Creating a wall for these hardworking units is a contemporary and convenient way to arrange the kitchen.

Advanced waterworks. Include a second sink in the kitchen as well as a hot faucet at the main sink. This kitchen has both.

Two dishwashers. Sinks are not the only elements to see two of; two dishwashers in a kitchen provides convenience. You can even take clean dishes straight from dishwasher to table, a luxury that you have when you don't need to empty the dishwasher in order to refill it with dirty dishes.

Hidden outlets. The island in the previous image has a well-placed kitchen outlet. Homeowners are tired of the required outlets breaking up their beautiful backsplashes, and who can blame them? Under-cabinet outlets are one smart solution.

More ways to hide the outlets
This system helps hide the outlets in such a smart way; the core of outlets pushes down into the counter, leaving only a pull tab visible on the surface. 

Hidden knife storage. These boxes pop up from the counter. Similar systems exist for storing other items, like herbs and even iPod devices.

Big cabinet drawers. Homeowners want to make the most of every square inch of storage space. Big drawers, especially those with dish racks and other inserts, maximize bottom cabinets' storage potential.

 Roll-outs. If you like the look of cabinet doors, you can still get drawer function behind your door fronts.

Upper cabinets for countertop appliances. In the quest for clear counters, Homeowners want cabinets to conceal these smaller applianes.

Ice maker in the pantry. No one wants to schlep to the gas station before a party for leaky bags of ice.


Induction cooktops. These energy-efficient appliances have finally made their way stateside from Europe.

A cutting board over the garbage disposal. This is a perfect example of a clever design solution that saves time and effort.
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